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Amsterdam Tulip Museum White Tulip Tank Top Flowers In A Glass Vase By Jan Davidz De Heem

White Tulip Tank Top - Flowers In A Glass Vase By Jan Davidsz De Heem

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This stretchy and comfortable tank top, unique to the Amsterdam Tulip Museum, features a design based on Jan Davidsz de Heem's famous still life 'Flowers in a Glass Vase' on a white base.

When the Northern parts of the Netherlands liberated themselves from Spanish rule in the 16th century, it triggered a period of great economical and cultural richness known today as the Dutch Golden Age. With rising prosperity, people became interested in decorating their own houses, and painters were busier than ever.

While under Spanish Catholic domination, paintings were mainly inspired by religion, but with the new era the religion shifted to Calvinism. As a result, religious paintings were no longer allowed, which drive new genres to appear. This included the flower still life - seemingly random compositions of flowers but in fact carefully constructed and full of symbolism and many of which were only available to the artists as images. In this genre, Dutch painters could endlessly compete upon artistic skills, botanical knowledge, and moral symbolism.

Jan Davidsz de Heem is one of its most important representatives, and gained considerable recognition during his lifetime for still-lifes such as that depicted here. Today, many of his works are displayed in prestigious museums (such as the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam).

Some facts about this product:

  • Front: 90% polyester - 10% lycra
  • Back: 90% cotton - 0% elasthan
  • Wash inside out to reduce facing
  • Machine wash cold with like colors
  • Lay flat (do not tumble dry)
  • Iron low heat inside out
  • Do not bleach