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The Amsterdam Tulip Museum Blog

Amsterdam Tulip Museum Yellow Tulip Fields Windmill Holland How New Tulip Breeds Are Created

How Do We Get New Tulip Breeds?

This week's #TulipFact: One of the best features of Tulips is their incredible variety - look anywhere for bulbs, and you'll be treated to dozens...
Tulipa Armena Wild Tulip Central Asia Tulips in the Wild Eric Breed

Tulip of the Week: Tulipa Armena (a "Turkey Tulip")

Creator: None (Wild)Registration date: None (Wild)Cultivar Group: Miscellaneous It is Thanksgiving week for our friends in the United States, and ...
Canada 150 Maple Leaf Tulip Canada National Capital Commission

What Are The Origins Of Canada's Tulip Festival?

This week's #TulipFact: The Canadian Tulip Festival traces its origins to World War II. Forced to flee the invaded Netherlands, the Dutch royal fa...
Perfect Tulips Ottoman Empire Semper Augustus English Florists' Tulip Amsterdam Tulip Museum

What Defines The 'Perfect' Tulip?

This week's #TulipFact: It is every grower's dream to one day find a 'Perfect Tulip' in their patch. But what exactly is 'perfect'? As it turns out, definitions have existed over the years, unique to each culture and time period!
Queen of Night Paul Scherer Tulips With Purple Amsterdam Tulip Museum

Seeking The Black Tulip

This week's #TulipFact: Growers have sought for centuries to breed a true Black Tulip. While some have been close, the search remains for this "Holy Grail" of the Tulip world.
Istanbul Tulip Festival Swan Design Dautore

Are Tulips Celebrated Beyond The Netherlands?

Today's #TulipFact: Tulips often make people think of the Dutch and of their magnificent Keukenhof Gardens. But they are not the only ones who lov...
Tulipa Antoinette Multi-Headed Tulip Pink And Yellow Suttons Seeds

Do Multi-Headed Tulips Exist?

Today's #TulipFact: When most of us think of Tulips, we imagine each bulb producing a single flower atop a stiff stem. But this is not always the ...
Wild Tulip Species Tulip Kyzylkum Tulip Frozen Snow Ice

Do Tulips Need A Cold Period To Bloom?

Today's #TulipFact: Tulips have evolved to require an extended period of cold dormancy before they will flower. In hot climates, they can actually...
Twitter Tulip Emoji Pink Tulip

11 Twitter Handles Every Tulip Fan Should Follow

From beautiful photos to educational posts, we really enjoy Twitter and what it offers. The following eleven handles are our list of must-follows ...
Tulipa Zomerschoon Tulip Mania Old House Gardens

Is The Tulip Breaking Virus A Death Sentence For Tulips?

Today's #TulipFact: For unknown reasons, some Broken Tulips have had the "best of both worlds", carrying the beautiful breaks and coloring caused ...
Rachel Ruysch Still Life With Flowers

Who Was The Best Flower Painter?

Today's #TulipFact: Rachel Ruysch, later succeeded by Jan Van Huysum, was considered the greatest Tulip and flower painter of the Dutch Golden Ag...
Broken Tulip Red Tulips In The Garden Semper Augustus

How Dangerous Is The Tulip Breaking Virus?

Today's #TulipFact: Although undeniably beautiful, Broken Tulips are illegal in the Netherlands due to fears that the 'breaking virus' that causes...