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Tulip of the Week: Black Parrot

Tulipa Black Parrot Black Tulip

Creator: C. Keur & Sons
Registration date: December 31, 1937
Cultivar Group: Parrot group

Many attempts have been made over the centuries to create a true, Black Tulip (see our earlier article on quest for that mythical flower here), and in 1937 C. Keur released his best attempt: the Black Parrot. Although not as dark as some, it has remained popular through today due to its bold, violet coloring and its wild, frilled petals.

Image source: The Royal Horticultural Society)

We are working in partnership with the KAVB to highlight the incredible variety of Tulips by sharing different flowers every week. The KAVB (Royal General Association for Bulb Culture), established in 1860, today acts as the international registration authority for all Tulips (along with several other flowers), and works to protect and support bulb growers around the world.

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