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Semper Augustus Tulip Mania Amsterdam Tulip Museum

What Is The Most Famous Tulip In History?

Today's #TulipFact: The most famous Tulip in history is, without question, the red & white "Semper Augustus" - a 'Broken Tulip' that, during T...
Carolus Clusius Amsterdam Tulip Museum

Happy 492nd Birthday to Clusius, Progenitor of Tulips

Charles de l'Écluse,  aka Carolus Clusius  was born on February 19, 1526 in the Town of Arras, located in center of the Artois region in Northern F...
Tulipa Beauty of Spring Fluwel Flowerbulbs

Tulip of the Week: Beauty of Spring

Creator: Firma Patrick van Steijn Registration date: February 11, 2004 Cultivar Group: Darwin Hybrid group  First registered in 2004, Tulipa "Beau...