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What Defines The 'Perfect' Tulip?

This week's #TulipFact: It is every grower's dream to one day find a 'Perfect Tulip' in their patch. But what exactly is 'perfect'? As it turns out, definitions have existed over the years, unique to each culture and time period!
Queen of Night Paul Scherer Tulips With Purple Amsterdam Tulip Museum

Seeking The Black Tulip

This week's #TulipFact: Growers have sought for centuries to breed a true Black Tulip. While some have been close, the search remains for this "Holy Grail" of the Tulip world.
Istanbul Tulip Festival Swan Design Dautore

Are Tulips Celebrated Beyond The Netherlands?

Today's #TulipFact: Tulips often make people think of the Dutch and of their magnificent Keukenhof Gardens. But they are not the only ones who lov...